Our SaaS solutionhelps customers capture, automate and manage all system –all hosted and managed in a virtual private cloud.

Supported by secure hosting and robust disaster recovery, our SaaS solution reduces the expense of managing an in-house IT system, while ensuring your data is protected and easily accessible. It removes the complexity and cost associated with the running and upkeep of an in-house IT system. As a result, there is no need to purchase and maintain servers, computer rooms, implement back-up tasks or expensive data security systems. With our SaaS solution, this is all managed for customers in a virtual private cloud.

With the help of SaaS solution, organizations are able to instantly deploy newly built rules, decisions and applications on their scalable SaaS solution environments. Moreover, SaaS solution provides integration capabilities regarding diverse systems with the help of web services.

Robust disaster recovery and backup services ensure your information is protected against the threat of unforeseen events and ready to restore to working order in the event of an emergency. Accessing the SaaS solution in the cloud allows organizations to benefit from a secure and accessible platform that integrates with existing enterprise systems to support effective resource management.

With our SaaS solution, all hosting, infrastructure and system management tasks are managed by PT. Teknologi Inovasi Mandiri. This includes activities around:

ILP Loan Origination System (ILP-LOS)

ILP Credit Risk Tools (ILP-CRT)

Customer service excellence

ILP Loan Collection System (ILP-LCS)

ILP Loan Management System (ILP-LMS)