ILP Loan Collection System (ILP-LCS)

End-to-end debt collection system with Business Process Management (BPM).

ILP-LCS is a collection module that helps customers to implement different collection strategies for different customers to achieve the most efficient use of your scarce resources via precision targeting of customer groups.

The financial institution can no longer rely on time-consuming, error-prone and expensive manual processes, especially when resources are inadequate and time is short. ILP-LCS provides solutions to drive automation and workflow, lower days sales outstanding, mitigate credit risk, reduce dispute cycle time and improve visibility into likelihood to pay.


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Reduced cost and increased productivity.

Agents can handle the complete end to end process of collections on the field considerably reducing the time and cost for the operation.

Real-time, transparent process results in increased trust on collection agents and instant query resolution through information available in the solution.

To decide the best strategy for classification, allocation and follow-up Actions.