TiMCore-Koperasi offers a robust foundation for a Dynamic, Transcending Growth

The microfinance movement is transforming the way that banking services are delivered to people and organisations that may not normally have access to such services. This new phenomenon can be a significant force for good, fostering the creation of businesses and wealth where it was not possible before. Most of the focus is on lending but many microfinance institutions also offer a range of other banking services. The microfinance institutions may be smaller and the market niche new but they still need to access the very best in core banking system. TiMCore-BPR/BPRS solution allow them to do just that.

TiMCore-BPR/BPRS solution innovative design is flexible, user friendly and features a very high level automation. This gives the TiMCore-BPR/BPRS flexibility and capability to deliver excellent customer service and operate very efficiently with a minimum number of staff.

TiMCore-BPR/BPRS solution portfolio is comprehensive, leveraging the considerable investment made in the TiM. It allows the microfinance institution to quickly build profitability by being productive from day one. It also has a full suite of reporting and monitoring tools and provides clarity and accuracy of information. The use of a parameterisation model makes the solution endlessly flexible and able to be quickly tailored to any microfinance institution’s specific requirements.

It is a web-based and module-driven system design specifically for Microfinance (BPR/BPRS). It is powered by modules and reports which facilitate and monitor group transactions, but also take considerations of transactions by individual customers.