ILP (Integrated Loan Processing)

Is a modern platform dedicated to financial institutions that offer credit products for all types of customers via any sales channel. The design of our loan platform is based-on the proprietary solution, ILP Business Process Management. Thanks to this, all the parameters of a loan product, the process itself and the associated screens and printouts can be tailored according to the client’s needs. Moreover, the solution can be used to design and configure any kind of business processes.

Our ILP (Integrated Loan Processing) provides a comprehensive service of loan processes and enables business administrators in the financial institution to independently manage all of the elements of the processes, including a process itself, user screens, printouts, business parameters and logic (algorithms). The configurability and flexibility of ILP (Integrated Loan Processing) decrease the time of implementing changes or new products to the minimum. Its testing functions allow to implement correct and verified products. Thus, all functions that are necessary to sell banking products for individual or business clients are now available on a single loan platform.

Our ILP (Integrated Loan Processing) process covers 5 (five) part ofbanking credit process as regulation of central bank (Bank Indonesia).

More About ILP Products

We provide other products related to ILP

ILP Loan Origination System (ILP-LOS)

ILP-LOS is a rule and workflow-driven web-based platform and tightly integrated single point of credit assessment, which allows financial institution lenders to streamline and holistically improve their standard pre-screen, underwriting and settlement process for all loan products (multi line of business).

ILP Credit Risk Tools (ILP-CRT)

Whether dealing with consumer loans or commercial credits, the financial institutions need to assess credit risks associated. In the retail segment, this is done through scoring models (e.g. application and behavioural scoring) and in the corporate banking segment through risk rating models that typically involve, both quantitative and qualitative risk factors.

ILP Loan Collection System (ILP-LCS)

ILP-LCS is a collection module that helps customers to implement different collection strategies for different customers to achieve the most efficient use of your scarce resources via precision targeting of customer groups.

ILP Loan Management System (ILP-LMS)

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