DATA TIM: Social Media & Media Intelligence

Data TIM is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based machine that captures data on the internet, especially social media and online media to be used for various purposes, starting from issue monitoring, brand monitoring, monitoring persona of figures on the internet, intellectual interests, and other needs. Data TIM is built on the NLP and Machine Learning systems that have been tested in various fields developed by AI experts.



Twitter Crawler

Crawling data from Twitter.

Online Media (6)

Crawling data from online media (,,,,

Facebook Crawler

Crawling data from Facebook.

Data Warehouse

System for storing all data of the platform.

Web Interface

User interface for the system.

Sentiment Analysis

NLP-based engine to assess the sentiment towards the social media post of candidate.

Location Detection

AI-based system that detects the locations contained in the news/social media post.


Platform for managing all the things related to the platform.

User Profiling

Profiling the user who post the related document so we know the persona of the user/account. The profile consist of age, gender.


API as the communication tool between engine.

Messaging Queue

To maintain the requests that are coming simultaneously to support real time experience.

Monitoring System

To monitoring system's health.

Online Media (6)

Crawling data from online media (,,,,

Topic Classification

NLP-based engine that assess the category of each document (tweet/online news), such as food, corruption, public complaints, etc.