About Us

High end specialty IT solutions provider for your digital transformation

About Us

PT Technology Inovasi Mandiri (TIM) is a system integrator company with high dedication and technical know-how. With various backgrounds in the IT industry, system integrators and IT consultants, our people have deep experience in the world of information technology.

Regardless of the background from which our people start, we all share one single mission and vision to assist our customers in software / application innovation.

TIM will provide business transformation that will bring added value to customers. Digitrans provides quality products and services while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our quality assurance system ensures continuous process improvement, innovation, teamwork training and a willingness to change and advance.

Our Value Proposition

We also build and develop our competency resources, we always assign teams to attend seminars, workshops, training and also get certification in their field of expertise as added value for themselves and the company. With the expertise or ability of our professional team, we hope that our team can contribute to improving our customer service and satisfaction.

TiM product range demonstrates a depth of understanding and appreciation of the company. With the Team at the helm, the Company can obtain the following benefits:

Best practices from leading national banks

Growth in market share

Customer service excellence

Effective monitoring

Strategic analysis and review

Strategic MIS and innovative technology

Vision & Mission


We are passionate about helping businesses through innovative technology to achieve and maximize our clients' business dreams


  1. Enhance the expertise and professionalism of our experts.
  2. Improve all services to maintain customer satisfaction.
  3. We will provide innovative solutions that will provide added value for customers.

Our Business

With a team of experts who have quality and professionalism in handling various projects, we can provide the best solutions and services to customers.


We provide banking and financial solutions to ensure our solutions will help our customers operate efficiently and effectively. We have developed partnerships and alliances to maximize each other's strengths in implementing IT Banking and Finance solutions that will benefit current and future businesses.

Enterprice Level

Enterprise-level business scalability, complexity, and flexibility are always important considerations for every decision making. Therefore we decided to provide IT-based business analysis solutions to our customers to enhance and optimize enterprise-level business, human resources and business performance through data maintenance, capacity planning and IT Governance.


Well-integrated solution frameworks and implementations to support your business are provided such as Data warehouse, Business Intelligence, Middleware. We provide an experienced team for my Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL, Server and SQL implementation with 24/7 support from our team.

SME Level

We aim to support small and medium-sized businesses to achieve faster growth in technological aspects by providing solutions that meet customers' budgets.


With big data, technology improves performance and streamlines business process flows, processes data and provides government agencies with more comprehensive insights about their business activities.