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Value proposition

Value proposition

Our value proposition

 Time has changed the way banking is perceived and practised. Bankers today are faced with numerous challenges. Traditional methods of banking are being challenged, and bankers have to re-assess their policies, processes and organizations –if they were to thrive in the financial industry.

True to its motto of “solutions designed by bankers, for bankers”, TiM’s suite of products demonstrates depth of understanding and appreciation of the unique needs of bankers. With TiM at the helm, the bank stands to reap these benefits:

  • Best practices from leading national banks
  • Growth in market share
  • Customer service excellence
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Effective monitoring
  • Strategic analysis and review
  • Strategic MIS and innovative technology
Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Mission and Core Values

Our vision is to create on demand financial solutions, designed by bankers for bankers.
In line with its vision, our products is dedicated in its mission in helping financial institutions:

  • In risk management and operational efficiency;
  • By offering products designed by bankers, for bankers;
  • By delivering customer-centric web-based solutions through a common platform.

At TIM, we measure our success by our customer’s success. This is the distinct quality that sets us apart from the competition.

TiM has a fast-paced, goal-oriented work environment driven by the talents, experience, expertise and knowledge of the team. TiM’s management and employees are known not only for their domain knowledge and experience, but also for their unrelenting dedication and team spirit.

TIM’s products and people are representative of its motto designed for bankers by bankers.

Company Profile

Company Profile

TiM (Teknologi Inovasi Mandiri) is a high end specialty IT solutions provider for Banks in Indonesia. Our solution represent best practices across the industry gathered through more than 10 years of experience servicing banks in Indonesia market.

Our Banking Products and Solutions represent an ideal combination of rich domain and functional knowledge and cutting edge technical expertise. This reflects our Solutions for bankers, by bankers philosophy. Our team is led by dynamic ex Bankers who are passionate about the success of our customers. Our proprietary engagement and implementation model is well accepted by our clients and we are proud of our perfect delivery track record.

TiM (Teknologi Inovasi Mandiri) is headquartered in Jakarta.

Our clients leverage ILP’s innovative & dependable solutions to differentiate themselves among competition, achieve business advantage & drive business growth through reduced cost and optimal operational excellence.

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