On-premises is the software and technology that is located within the physical confines of an enterprise –often in the company’s data center– as opposed to running remotely on hosted servers or in the cloud. By installing and running software on hardware located within the premises of the company, IT staff has physical access to the data and can directly control the configuration, management and security of the computing infrastructure and data.

On-Premise licensing is perpetual based, meaning customers own the rights to use the license perpetually even if customers do not maintain support.

We have on-premise licensing for:

  • ILP Loan Origination System (ILP-LOS)
  • ILP Credit Risk Tools (ILP-CRT)
  • ILP Loan Collection System (ILP-LCS)
  • ILP Loan Management System (ILP-LMS)
  • TiMCore-BPR/BPRS