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  • SaaS (Software as a Services) Solution

    Our SaaS solution helps customers capture, automate and manage all system –all hosted and managed in a virtual private cloud. Supported by secure hosting and robust disaster recovery, our SaaS ...

  • On-Premise Solution

    On-premises is the software and technology that is located within the physical confines of an enterprise –often in the company’s data center– as opposed to running remotely on ...

  • Consultancy Services

    We solve business problems We understand that the loan side of the house can get complex fast.  Our loan consulting team has years of experience working directly for national banking. We ...

    • Value proposition

      Value proposition

      Our value proposition  Time has changed the way banking is perceived and practised. Bankers today are faced with numerous challenges. Traditional methods of banking are being challenged, and bankers have to re-assess their policies, processes and or...

    • Vision & Mission

      Vision & Mission

      Our Mission and Core Values Our vision is to create on demand financial solutions, designed by bankers for bankers. In line with its vision, our products is dedicated in its mission in helping financial institutions: In risk management and operati...

    • Company Profile

      Company Profile

      TiM (Teknologi Inovasi Mandiri) is a high end specialty IT solutions provider for Banks in Indonesia. Our solution represent best practices across the industry gathered through more than 10 years of experience servicing banks in Indonesia market. Our...


TiMCore and Integrated Loan Processing

ILP Loan Origination System (ILP-LOS)

Decrease application turnaround time, launch new products quickly and proactively manage risk through ILP-LOS ILP-LOS is a rule and workflow-driven web-based platform and tightly integrated single point of credit assessment, which allows ...

ILP Credit Risk Tools (ILP-CRT)

Automated risk assessment and credit risk on a flexible and scalable software platform  Whether dealing with consumer loans or commercial credits, the financial institutions need to assess credit risks associated. In the retail segment, this is ...

ILP Loan Collection System (ILP-LCS)

End-to-end debt collection system with Business Process Management (BPM).  ILP-LCS is a collection module that helps customers to implement different collection strategies for different customers to achieve the most efficient use of your scarce ...

ILP Loan Management System (ILP-LMS)

Modernize and Streamline Profitable Lending Growth Without Disruption  In today’s transforming financial landscape, the financial institutions are looking for modern, technologically superior loan management system that automates key ...


TiMCore-Koperasi offers a robust foundation for a Dynamic, Transcending Growth  The microfinance movement is transforming the way that banking services are delivered to people and organisations that may not normally have access to such services. ...


TiMCore-Koperasi offers a robust foundation for a Dynamic, Transcending Growth  Traditionally, cooperative societies maintain the records of members, their accounts for each member just as the banks were doing in those days. However, today, ...


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    PT Teknologi Inovasi Mandiri


    Gedung Gajah, Unit ABC Lantai 3 - A2, Jl. Dr. Saharjo No 111. Tebet Barat, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan - 12810


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